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Equity and Social Justice Committee Plan -- Adopted August 22, 2023

Equity and Social Justice Committee Plan -- Adopted August 22, 2023

Current Goals


  • Create a survey to better understand Alliance membership. 
  • Establish an ESJ committee. 
  • Identify the mission and vision for the ESJ committee. 
  • Identify goals to present to the Board of Directors focused on ESJ. 


Article 2, section 3 - Shared Values 

The shared values of the RPCV-AUA include respect for human dignity, equity, inclusion, collaboration, commitment to service, and justice for people of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, genders, and sexual orientations.



The Equity and Social Justice Committee supports the RPCV Alliance for Ukraine's mission by creating and implementing a diversity action plan with goals for internal and external stakeholders, along with metrics to track progress and ensure accountability to the AUA's commitment to equity and social justice.



The Equity and Social Justice Committee will support the RPCV Alliance for Ukraine in fostering a diverse membership and ensuring a sense of belonging by being inclusive of various races, ethnicities, genders, nationalities, religions, and sexual orientations. This committee will also support diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiatives for RPCVs and PCVs who have served or are currently serving in Ukraine.


Strategic Goals Alignment 

The Equity and Social Justice Committee will align its strategic goals with RPCV Alliance for Ukraine in the following ways: 


Goal 1: Community 

AUA: Build, strengthen and sustain a vibrant and engaged community of RPCVs and allies for Ukraine.


ESJ, Inclusive Community: Support initiatives to ensure both the organization’s leadership and membership is diverse, inclusive, and reflects the demographics of the RPCV Ukraine community.


Goal 2: Information

AUA: Share information about Ukrainian current events, development milestones and projects on behalf of Ukraine. 


ESJ, Building Belonging:  Review and make recommendations for AUA's written communications, social media posts, and events/programming to ensure diverse topics, subject matter, inclusive language, and to foster a sense of belonging for all members. 


Goal 3: Impact 

AUA: Improve the capacity of Ukrainian citizens for societal change through impactful projects


ESJ, Measurable Impacts: Support DEIB components in AUA advocacy, fundraising, partnerships, and events/programming. 


Diversity Action Plan 

The Alliance adopted an action plan to promote racial justice, diversity, and inclusion within Peace Corps Ukraine, aligning with shared values of Ukraine RPCVs. Our mission is to create a safer and more democratic Ukraine; recognizing the challenges faced by volunteers and community members who identify as  BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and religious minorities. Together as RPCVs, we stand united in our commitment to effect positive change.


Goal 1: Fostering an Inclusive Community
Support initiatives to ensure both the organization’s leadership and membership is diverse, inclusive and reflects the demographics of the RPCV Ukraine community in age, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, geography, ability, and experience. 

  • Research current RPCV Ukraine demographics.
  • Conduct a Board of Directors audit and needs assessment twice per year.
  • Recruit and retain diverse Board members using evidence-based best practices.
  • Include demographic data for leadership and membership in the annual report.

Goal 2:  Building Belonging 

Maintain close relationship and open, transparent communication with our network:

  • Publish monthly Board meeting minutes on our website.
  • Develop and host a virtual DEIB focused event once per year.
  • Assist with hosting at least one virtual Member Meeting per year in order to provide updates on our work and seek member feedback and ideas for future projects. 
  • Assist with hosting at least one virtual Town Hall per year with Peace Corps Ukraine staff as available. This would be open to all Ukraine RPCVs and allies. This will include at least one PC Ukraine staff member to give updates and answer questions.

Goal 3:  Measurable Impacts 

Engage with the AUA membership, Peace Corps Ukraine, and the NPCA to work towards our vision. 

  • Survey AUA members annually and review ESJ goals.
    • Administer survey every before the end of the second quarter.
    • Report on survey results in September newsletter.
  • Engage with current DEI opportunities with NPCA and Peace Corps. 
    • Advocate for Ukrainian PCVs and RPCVs to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. 
    • Participate in National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) events and discussions devoted to racial equity and social justice when they arise.
  • Prepare for the return of Peace Corps Volunteers in Ukraine. 
    • Review the Changes Necessary for the Safety of Black and POC PCVs in Ukraine list created by PCVs prior to the 2020 evacuation and identify ways to support Black and POC PCVs before and when they return to PC UA. 
    • Collaborate with Peace Corps Ukraine to build a relationship with PC Diversity and Inclusion Officer, ICDEI Working Group, and other relevant PC leadership and staff, when Peace Corps volunteers are in-country.
    • Identify fundraising goals to support Ukrainian POC.
    • Connect to the Peace Corps Ukraine to assist with the Virtual Service Pilot Program. 
  • Incorporating Equity into Our Actions and Programming
    • Utilize the DEI Project Checklist for all Alliance events. 
    • Provide updates to equity and social justice at all Board and Member meetings.

 August 22, 2023