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Peremoha Mini-Grants

We have launched the Peremoha Mini-Grants in our long-standing commitment of Ukraine RPCVs and our Ukrainian partners. This has been funded through Babusya's Kitchen cookbook, but we want to diversify our funding source and allow our community to directly fund RPCV and their partner's efforts in Ukraine. To learn more about what projects we have supported, take a look at some of our success stories.

Funded: $1,720.00
Goal: $20,000.00

General Fund

Our General Fund supports both the administrative costs of the organization, such as fees associated with website hosting or registering for official non-profit status, and impactful projects in and/or benefitting Ukraine .  


Equity and Justice Fund

The RPCV Alliance for Ukraine is proud to launch the Equity and Justice Fund to support volunteer-led efforts that meet the needs of Black, POC, and other marginalized volunteer groups in-country and following service. 




Funded: $3,000.00
Goal: $3,000.00