RPCV Alliance for Ukraine projects

TECH IN THE FIELD.  In partnership with Kinful, the Alliance is implementing a pilot project in Ukraine that leverages virtual reality technology to build social and emotional learning competencies in Ukrainian youth. Through this SEL curriculum and through connections with other classrooms via the VR technology, the Alliance will support PCVs in developing students' competencies in responsible decision-making, self management, self awareness, social awareness, and relationship skills within a variety of lessons, from social responsibility to multiculturalism.

THE CONNECTION PROJECT.  Those of us who have served recall what it was like to return.  From reverse culture shock to the unknown of what comes next, the transition back to life in America can be anything but smooth.   In an effort to support the Third Goal of the Peace Corps, the Alliance Connection Project aims to provide transitional support by connecting RPCVs who have navigated this experience with PCVs preparing to end their service.  The connection process begins by filling out a brief questionnaire.  The commitment is limited to only what you are able to provide, should you match with a serving volunteer's profile; however, the benefit can be life altering for that PCV.

FIND THE 250K.  By 2020, it is estimated that approximately 250,000 Americans will have served as PCVs. Find the 250k is a community-driven initiative from the National Peace Corps Association that seeks to locate, by country, all current and former PCVs. Inspired by this call and interested in uniting our community, the Alliance is seeking to find all the RPCVs who served in Ukraine by building a network of regional contacts.