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Past Projects


When Peace Corps officially announced its temporarily suspension of global activities due to concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19), the Alliance jumped into action to support evacuees.  An emergency task force was created to organize a program for evacuated Volunteers to be matched with an RPCV mentor. Ukraine RPCVs were in a particularly good position for this kind of initiative because the program had experienced a similar evacuation in 2014 during the Maidan Revolution.  Click here to read Peace Corps' spotlight article on this project. 


TECH IN THE FIELD (2018-2020)

In partnership with Kinful, the Alliance implemented a pilot project in Ukraine that leverages virtual reality technology to build social and emotional learning competencies in Ukrainian youth. Through this SEL curriculum and through connections with other classrooms via the VR technology, the Alliance supported PCVs in developing students' competencies in responsible decision-making, self management, self awareness, social awareness, and relationship skills within a variety of lessons, from social responsibility to multiculturalism.