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The RPCV Alliance for Ukraine (RPCV-AUA) is a new organization seeking committee members! If you are ready to be an active member select the committee that best aligns with your strengths and interest.

Tell us about yourself and why you are interested in volunteering within your chosen committee at In the subject line please list your committee(s) of interest. 


Communications.  Develops the Alliance’s communications messaging, maintains the Alliance’s communication platforms (website, social media, and listserv), and helps develop an e-newsletter.

Community.  Builds the community capacity of the Alliance through the creation and maintenance of regional hubs for the Alliance and through membership development.

Financial.  Manages the accounting for the Alliance and ensures sound stewardship of monetary resources.

Impact.  Develops the strategic performance orientation for the Alliance, manages grants, and highlights impact through monitoring and evaluation.

In-Country.  Composed of currently serving PCVs, this committee maintains and oversees Alliance projects in Ukraine, liaises with the Alliance, and provides an unfettered perspective on events and the Peace Corps mission in Ukraine.

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Join RPCV-AUA to stay connected and support our efforts to create and maintain a vibrant community of Ukraine RPCVs and allies, continually working for the benefit of Ukraine and its people! 



The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Alliance for Ukraine (RPCV-AUA) is a public charity registered under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States. We are also an affiliate group of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA).

NPCA is the nonprofit alumni network at the center of a vibrant community of over 220,000 people who share the Peace Corps experience. NPCA champions lifelong commitment to Peace Corps ideals by connecting, engaging and promoting its members and affiliate groups as they continue to make a difference in communities in the U.S. and abroad. NPCA is also dedicated to advocating for, contributing to, and supporting the betterment of the Peace Corps. Visit NPCA to learn more