What We Do

Community. Information. Impact.

What we do:

In the interest of accountability, the Alliance for Ukraine uses prudent planning, evaluative learning, and data-driven decision making to strengthen the bonds of Ukraine Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, to support the initiatives of currently serving Peace Corps Volunteers, and to enhance the technical capacity of Ukrainians through vetted projects to effect positive change. To focus its efforts for sustainable impact for these ends, the Alliance pursues three strategic goals that are guided by and rooted in three foundational pillars: community, information, and impact. Upon these three principles, the Alliance seeks to achieve impact in the following three goals that are broken down into "Tactic Areas" to better communicate our objectives and activities currently being conducted pursuant to our mission:

Strategic Goal 1: Build, strengthen, and sustain a vibrant and engaged community of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and allies for Ukraine

Tactic Areas:

1.1-  Coordinate and support decentralized regional groups of Ukraine RPCVs that undertake activities such as:

-gather regularly to write their local congresspeople about supporting Ukrainian legislation;

-host pre-and post service welcome events for the volunteers in their local regions;

-host special Peace Corps Third Goal oriented cross-cultural learning events;

-seek to coordinate Ukraine RPCV reunions.


1.2 - Host and facilitate a members discussion forum on our website for the purposes of providing:

-volunteers in-country the ability engage directly with RPCVs  as they seek support and advice throughout their service;

-RPCVs a place to discuss readjustment and connect with support networks post-service;

-facilitating discussions about current affairs affecting the Peace Corps mission both in Ukraine.


1.3 - Spearhead the search for all former RPCVs from Ukraine by:

-leading the National Peace Corps Association's "Find the 250k" initiative;

-maintaining a database where members can search for other members to connect with their former Peace Corp colleagues, counterparts, and supporters in Ukraine;

-researching and conducting direct outreach to RPCVs to seek out the most current information about all volunteers who have served in Ukraine since 1992.


Strategic Goal 2: Share information about Ukrainian current events, development milestones, and projects on behalf of Ukraine

Tactic Areas:

2.1 - Produce regular enewsletters and other written publications with:

-stories and updates from current volunteers in the field about their lives and their activities;

-updates about RPCV-AUA’s activities around the country and the world;

-information affecting the lives of Ukrainians in Ukraine.


2.2 - Host social media platforms in order to:

-engage in direct outreach and information sharing with our larger community;

-share culturally relevant information about holidays and special events in Ukraine and the US;

-support the messaging of the Peace Corps in Ukraine.


Strategic Goal 3: Improve the capacity of Ukrainian citizens for societal change through impactful projects

Tactic Areas:

3.1 - Support, design, and assist with the implementation of projects initiated by our community that:

-provide new technology solutions to volunteers in the field;

-improve the effectiveness and quality of volunteers in service;

-build and provide support to grassroots advocacy networks in support of Ukrainian affairs legislation;

-support the Third Goal mission of the Peace Corps.


3.2 - Raise funds to support PCV- and RPCV-led projects both in Ukraine and domestically by:

-conducting fundraising for special projects and cause-related activities;

-highlighting local fundraising activities via media outlets and regional groups;

-directing members to current PCPP projects and sharing their stories;

-dedicating a majority % of membership dues to special projects;

- providing regular Peace Corps Ukraine branded merchandise booster campaigns.


3.3 - Building partnership with institutions who support the Peace Corps mission to:

-foster a network of organizations ready to support RPCV activities in Ukraine;

-maintain quality information sharing and resource partnerships with Ukrainian affairs organizations;

-promote the Peace Corps mission among an international network of organizations engaging in Ukrainian affairs.