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Celebrating Peace Corps Ukraine's 30th Anniversary in 2022

Peace Corps Ukraine is turning 30 in 2022!

Over nearly three decades of its existence, Peace Corps Ukraine has trained and hosted more than 3,300 American volunteers, employed hundreds of staff members, and changed the lives of thousands of Ukrainians. Despite three evacuations, the program has remained one of the strongest of the agency and continues to attract prospective Volunteers. 

Year 2022 will mark the 30th anniversary of the program, so we have established a subcommittee to plan various events and media releases to celebrate this special anniversary. If you are interested in joining the planning committee, please reach out to Raisa Alstodt at We'vre working to plan activities centered in May of 2022.


Part of the 30th Anniversary celebration means celebrating our RPCVs. Tell us where you're at now and how Ukraine still impacts you to this day. Take this survey. Both the Alliance for Ukraine and Peace Corps Ukraine look forward to hearing about our RPCVs. 

And and as we all know, host families played an integral part in our service and often our lives even well after we have left Ukraine. We would love to hear more about your host family! Please fill out this survey so we can connect with you and your host family to share your story.


Lastly, we've been working with the Oral History Archives Project (OHAP) to interview your counterparts or other partners you developed in Ukraine. The Alliance for Ukraine would love for Peace Corps Ukraine to make a mark in the history of all of Peace Corps. If you're interested, fill out this survey for your counterpart or other partner to be interviewed.