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Equity and Justice Fund

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The RPCV-AUA Equity and Justice fund will support PCV- and RPCV-led efforts and initiatives to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion. The first initiative is raising $1,000 by April 1st, 2021 towards supporting two Black PCV retreats that will be organized by and for future Black Volunteers. 

We will then continue to collaborate with PCVs and Alliance members to identify and support impactful equity and inclusion efforts in Ukraine and at home.  We fervently believe that doing so is not only vital for the safety and wellbeing of Volunteers, but also for the development of a democratic, inclusive, and globally-connected Ukraine.

Note: Processing time for credit card donations can be a bit sluggish. Clicking "cancel" or "back" may result in interruptions or double charges, so please just sit back, be patient, and reminisce about all that good time you spent waiting for the marshrutka! 



Funded: $3,000.00
Goal: $3,000.00